What to expect

Is acupuncture effective for pain relief?

Yes, acupuncture is considered effective for pain relief.

In fact, many of our patients report a reduction in pain after their first treatment!

At Poke Acupuncture, Ryan has a practice dedicated to pain relief and movement problems. 

Can acupuncture help with fertility and infertility issues?

Yes, acupuncture is considered to be an effective fertility treatment.

At Poke Acupuncture, Lani has a practice dedicated to fertility, pregnancy and post partum treatment. 

Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is considered to be safe, when performed by a qualified acupuncturist.

Most patients experience no side effects, and find the experience to be relaxing.

Poke Acupuncture’s practitioners are registered acupuncturists; that means we hold the highest qualifications and training in Australia.

All our needles are sterile and single use, which makes any risk of infection extremely low.


Does acupuncture hurt?

The needles we use in our clinic are so thin (0.22mm in diameter) that many people don’t feel them go in. Any sensations usually mild and  last only a few seconds before subsiding. Most patients find the experience to be relaxing.

Is acupuncture safe during pregnancy?

Yes, acupuncture is safe during pregnancy when administered by a qualified acupuncturist.

However, it's crucial to be aware that certain areas on the body are contraindicated for needling during pregnancy. As a result, we strongly advise that pregnancy acupuncture should always be performed by a qualified acupuncturist who is knowledgeable about the specific considerations and safety precautions for expectant mothers.

Poke Acupuncture’s practitioners are registered acupuncturists; that means we hold the highest qualifications and training in Australia.

Is acupuncture covered by health funds?

Yes, if you have private health cover for acupuncture and/or Chinese medicine, you will be able to claim back some of the cost of your treatment. The rebate will depend on your health fundand type of cover.

At Poke Acupuncture we offer on the spot rebates for most Australian heath funds. If your health fund is unable to bill directly, we will provide you with an invoice to submit your own claim.

Please speak with your health fund about your coverage amounts. 

The acupuncture experience

All our sessions follow a 3-step process of assessment, advice and treatment.

1. Assessment

At your initial session, your practitioner will complete a full health history or functional assessment, so that we can understand your condition and circumstances, and develop a treatment plan for you.

2. Advice

Your assessment will enable the practitioner to make a diagnosis about your condition. We’ll advise you on the recommended treatment plan.

3. Application

We’ll start to apply your treatment plan from the very first session. Typically, this will be a combination of acupuncture, manual therapy, cupping or Chinese herbal medicine.  Your practitioner may also recommend homecare exercises, diet or lifestyle changes.

We are committed to helping you get the result you are after. 

How long are appointments?

Please allow 75 - 90 minutes for your initial treatment and 60 minutes for follow up sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of treatments you need will depend on the duration, severity, and nature of your complaint.

If you’ve had a condition for several years, it may take longer to resolve than a new problem.

Many conditions, even long-term problems, improve after the first session and may resolve after 3-10 sessions. Some degenerative conditions may require occasional maintenance treatments in time.

To help reduce the number of treatments you’ll need, we will often suggest herbal medicines, exercises, nutritional or lifestyle modifications to increase the efficacy of acupuncture and accelerate the healing process.

After your initial assessment, your practitioner will talk with you about when you can expect to feel better. 


What should I bring to my appointment?

To help us sereve you better please bring the following to your appointment:

  • Any relevant scans, reports, or blood work results.

  • A pair of loose shorts and a tank top to change into.

  • Complete and submit our online intake form prior to your appointment. 

Do you have special offers for new patients?

Yes we do!

If you are a new patient and you have more questions, are not sure if acupuncture will help your condition or would just like to meet us in person.

We offer a complimentary 15 minute assessment in the clinic or over the phone. 

Please just contact us to arrange a time. 

How qualified are Poke Acupuncturists?

Our acupuncturists, Ryan Samuels and Lani Stokes, are both highly skilled, and registered qualified acupuncturists.

Lani and Ryan have each completed a Diploma of Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ryan holds a diploma of remedial massage (Canada) and completed his prerequisites for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine College in Kinesiology and Lani completed hers in Chinese Language, Anatomy and Physiology.

Both Ryan and Lani are nationally registered with AHPRA as Acupuncturists and Chinese medical herbalists.


Please speak with your health fund to obtain information about your coverage. 

Initial treatment - 90 minutes  
Standard treatment - 60 minutes  
Cupping Therapy
Initial treatment - 60 minutes  
Standard treatment - 30 minutes  

An initial cupping session or full acupuncture intake session must be completed before booking standard cupping.

Herbal Treatment
Initial consultation - 45 minutes   
Standard consultation - 30 minutes  

An initial herbal treatment or full acupuncture intake session must be completed before booking standard sessions.

Herbal consults can be conducted over the phone or Zoom. 

*Herbal medicines are not included in treatment costs. If a herbal medicine is recommended, this will be prescribed and charged separately.


Call (02) 5590 0232 to book your FREE 15 minute assessment.


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