Herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can be used on its own but is also the perfect companion to acupuncture treatments. 

Please allow 45 minutes for an initial herbal session and 30 minutes for follow-up appointments. 

Herbal pharmacy

We recommend and supply high-quality herbal formulas from our fully stocked dispensary. Our herbal pharmacy has more than 200 varieties of raw herbs and prepared herbal formulas. We supply patent formulas in tablet and powder form, customised raw herbal formulas, and topical pain plasters and ointments.

Raw herbal formulas

Raw herbal prescriptions are personalised for your individual needs and presenting symptoms.

The raw herbs are taken home and boiled into decoctions, which you drink.

If you have been prescribed a raw herbal formula, your practitioner will give you directions on how to correctly prepare it.

Patent formulas

Patent medicines come in easily-consumed forms such as tablets and powders. These easy-to-use treatments may be prescribed in conjunction with other therapies. 

Poke Acupuncture stocks only the highest quality, unadulterated formulas supplied by reputable companies that adhere to strict quality standards and good manufacturing practices.

If a patent medicine is recommended as part of your treatment, your practitioner can advise on the correct remedy, dosages and application.

Topical pain relief

Ointments, plasters and liniments maybe helpful in managing aches and pains caused by injury and chronic pain conditions.

Your therapy session may include the application of topical treatments such as muscle rubs, warming herbs, or cooling tinctures. Your practitioner may also recommend at-home applications of topical treatments, available for purchase through our herbal pharmacy.


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