Is all Acupuncture the same? The short answer is NO. There are many different styles of Acupuncture, with some styles better suited to certain conditions versus others. At Poke Acupuncture we offer three different styles of Acupuncture to provide our patients with the best options to suit their needs. 

During your assessment you and your Practitioner will decide what style of Acupuncture is best suited to achieve your goals. 

Traditional Acupuncture

The most well-known of Chinese Medicine therapies, acupuncture refers to the insertion of hair-thin, sterile, single use steel needles into precise muscular points and areas of the body, known as 'acupuncture points'. 

Modern research has shown that acupuncture may stimualte the production and circualtion of stem cells and encourage the release of pain-relieving chemicals called neuropeptides. What this means is that acupuncture and may help to speed injury recovery time, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Neurofunctional Acupuncture 

Neurofunctional acupuncture is a modern style of acupucnture that targets the area in a muscle belly where the motor nerve (the nerve that makes the muscle contract and relax) meets the muscle. This meeting area of nerve and muscle is called the "Motor Point". Our Practitioners utilize Neurofunctional acupuncture to help relieve pain, mobility and posture related problems. 


Electro-acupuncture (sometimes known as 'e-stim') is a modern acupuncture treatment technique. Like traditional acupuncture, thin needles are inserted into specific acupoints and tight muscles. The key difference is that in this case, two or more needles are attached to a device that generates a gentle pulse through the muscle. Modern studies of electro-acupuncture have shown that it significantly alleviated inflammatory, neuropathic, and organ related pain in animal models. 


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