Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you work at a computer or do manual work and have begun feeling pain or numbness in your wrists or hands? Have you been waking at night with numb hands? If you said yes to either of these questions then this article on carpal tunnel syndrome is for you.


Is it really carpal tunnel syndrome?

If you suspect carpal tunnel syndrome as the cause of your pain here are a few key signs to look for:

  • Pain, pins & needles sensation or numbness that affects the palmar side of the wrist, hand(s), fingers 1 - 3 and half of the 4th finger 
  • Pain or numbness that wakes you from your sleep 
  • Needing to shake out your hand(s) to relieve symptoms 
  • Pain or numbness when driving, holding a phone or book
  • Difficulty using your hands to open jars, do up buttons or perform manual tasks
What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

The most common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is compression of the nerve (Median nerve) that travels through the wrist and feeds the palm of the hand and fingers 1 - 4. When this nerve becomes compressed from repetitive strain, injury or swelling over an extended period of time carpal tunnel syndrome can develop. 

Who is most at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome?

Since carpal tunnel syndrome can be considered a repetitive strain injury (RSI), the people most at risk are individuals that use their hands a lot for work or activities. 

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Ryan Samuels

Registered Acupuncturist and herbalist 



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