Poop, it’s something each and everyone one of us does or should do on a daily basis.  It’s regularity, consistency, and form gives us an accurate picture of the internal workings and current health state of your gut health.  


A healthy normal bowel movement should occur organically one to three times a day without strain, wincing or discomfort.  After a bowel movement there should be a sense of full evacuation and satisfaction, not a continued sense of fullness or urgency.  An ideal pooh should be about the size of a banana, light brown in color, solid, tube shaped, with a mild but non - offensive odor. 


When the digestive system is in a state of dysfunction or distress your body will let you.  You may begin to pass: diarrhea, mucus, blood, or undigested food in your stools when there is a lack of absorption taking place.  Constipation, urgency, difficult or incomplete defecation, loose or pellet like stools may develop when there is a digestive dysfunction. 

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